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Tech Packs Co - Customized tech packs for apparel and textile products

Tech Packs Co is a technical design company on a mission to help garment designers and brands improve production & decrease waste, through tech packs.

A tech pack is an instructional document with specifications and diagrams of your design for a factory to follow.

A tech pack streamlines your design development process and helps you manage product quality. 

If you are a brand, a designer or a product developer, you can leverage your apparel or textile production with a tech pack. Translate your product idea to a document with specifications for your factory to follow. 

Avoid expensive mistakes, reduce your sampling costs and increase your speed to market by using tech packs.

Tech Packs Co creates tech packs for you that are suitable for overseas contractors and are designed to be understood by factory staff who may not necessarily speak the same language as you. They will communicate to your factory all necessary components and construction methods needed for production.

All you need to get started are some rough sketches of your design, the fabrics you are using and a sample/prototype of your product.

They also offer tech pack templates, consultancy, courses for designing and manufacturing fashion products as well as free resources

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Meet the Founder

Belinda Jacobs

Belinda Jacobs Tech Packs India Sourcing Network

Tech Packs Co founder Belinda is a technical designer from London, now based in Los Angeles.

Belinda had her first job in fashion at the age of 15, fixing swatch cards together.

Since then, Belinda has been designing & creating tech packs for more than a decade… for household name brands and independent designers alike.

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