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FBMFulfillment is a 3PL fulfilment centre designed from an e-commerce sellers perspective to meet the needs of an ecommerce seller.

They strongly support multichannel B2C fulfilment (FBM, Shopify, Magento, Woo, Walmart, Ebay, Etsy and others), FBA storage/replenishment, return services. 

They feature advanced technology, flexibility and affordability. They waive the startup fees to India Sourcing Network members.

Services Provided

Meet the Founder

John Polidan

John, FBM
John is President and CEO of UFM Underwear For Men, FBMFulfillment and Suresourcemfg.
A mechanical engineer/manufacturing engineer by trade, and an MBA from the Darden School, University of Virginia, and former ASICS certified CPIM. John has more than 40 years of multi-industry, multi-discipline business experience.
John has experience in the automotive, packaging, plastics, building products, consumer electronics and apparel industries.
John specializes in reducing costs while improving quality and customer service through the implementation of Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma concepts.

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