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India Sourcing Workshop

A must for all India Sourcers!

An A to Z course where you learn how to source from India effectively and profitably. Get the ins and outs – from finding suppliers to shipping, and everything in between.

Get instant access to workshop on-demand videos.

India Sourcing Workshop

India Sourcing Mastermind

Ongoing support from sourcing & e-commerce experts
India Sourcing Mastermind

Join India Sourcing Mastermind to accelerate and optimize your private label business. With exclusive content, and direct access to sourcing and e-commerce coaches, you will have all the support and guidance you need to build a profitable made-in-India brand. 

Amazon Coaching

Get one-on-one guidance from an experienced seller

Need one-on-one support selecting a product or other aspects of your Amazon business? Book a coaching call with Margaret Jolly, Co-Founder of India Sourcing Network. Margaret is a seasoned Amazon FBA seller and coach who has extensive experience sourcing from India.

Margaret Jolly - India Sourcing Network

Amazon FBA Training

Amazon FBA Training

If you’re new to selling on Amazon, sign-up for a course so you have a basic understanding of how the business works. 

We recommend two Amazon FBA courses – one is a live 2-day training by Jason Tay, and the other is Freedom Ticket by Kevin King, a recorded course that is free with Helium10.

NEXT TRIP: MARCH 13-20, 2022

Join us for a unique 8-day sourcing + learning + cultural guided tour to India. Fasttrack your sourcing by seeing thousands of products at an export-focused trade show. Meet with suppliers and service providers face-to-face and start a strong business relationship.


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It’s important to build a sourcing strategy that doesn’t just support you right now – it also acts as a foundation for your future logistics plans, in line with your wider FBA business strategy. Here are four tips on building a sourcing strategy that will scale as your business grows.

India Sourcing Trip Attendees Share Their Experiences

India Sourcing Trip is back with our international conference, coaching sessions, visits to Indian trade show and factory visits. Find out what attendees of the previous Trip had to say about their experience and book your seat for the next Trip!

Sourcing from India vs China

When considering sourcing in India vs China, there are many important variables to consider ranging from each country’s political climate to their unique manufacturing capabilities. Let’s take a look at some of these different factors to help business owners decide which country makes sense for their firm.

Add a Cause to Your Made-in-India Ecommerce Brand

You CAN make your competition irrelevant by adding a cause to your business! Adding a meaningful cause will be the most important and prized goal for your business which in turn brings passion and purpose in your life with the profits! 

An Ideal Payment Solution for India-Based Amazon Sellers and Suppliers

An Ideal Payment Solution for India-Based Amazon Sellers and Suppliers This is a sponsored post by PingPong Payments Ecommerce entrepreneurs in India have been held back by their banks when it comes to operating on a global scale and receiving disbursements from Amazon and other global marketplaces. Banks such as HDFC Bank, State Bank of

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