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Benefits of hiring the best sourcing agency in India

If you are interested in sourcing products from India and are looking for a long term partnership with a trustworthy, experienced and professionally managed sourcing company, your search ends with India Sourcing Network, one of the best sourcing agencies in India.

Fueled by remarkable growth, improving infrastructure and favorable regulatory norms, India has emerged as a preferred product sourcing destination for e-commerce sellers, startups, importers and retailers worldwide.

Indian products are taking center stage in every importer’s business growth. Let’s dig a little deeper to understand why India is an ideal sourcing center.

Why should you source products from India?

Robust Manufacturing Industry

Programs like “Make in India” campaign aim to simplify administrative and regulatory procedures, promote investment and improve the business environment for the manufacturing sector.

Skilled Artisans

Best Sourcing Agency In India

India is known for its craft traditions and culture which are respected and appreciated worldwide.

Low Labor Costs

Being the seventh largest and the most populous country, India has a large pool of skilled workers. Labor costs in India are much lower than in many Western countries and other Asian production hubs.

Infrastructure Development

Significant investment in infrastructure has reduced production times, increased logistics efficiency and energized the entire supply chain.

Quality Assurance

Indian manufacturers are now more aware of international quality standards and certifications and are focusing on better quality products.

Sustainability and Responsible Manufacturing

India is making rapid progress in implementing environmentally friendly and sustainable production techniques.

As we have understood the benefits of sourcing products from India, let’s understand the benefits of hiring a sourcing agency in India.

How can a sourcing agency in India help your business grow?

Importers often face difficulties finding a reliable manufacturer abroad because there are so many options. Additionally, sometimes small businesses and startups don’t have the experience or connections, haven’t dealt with language or cultural barriers, and not sure what uncertainties they’ll face.A sourcing agency in India can help you navigate through these challenges easily. A sourcing agency is a medium between international buyers and local suppliers. A sourcing agent can offer the following benefits to international buyers:

Local Network

An experienced sourcing agency has been in business for a long time and deals with a wide network of qualified and verified suppliers who can provide the products as per the requirement and quality standards.


A sourcing agent can find out the current market rate of the required products through local network and knows how to negotiate with local manufacturers and suppliers. They can negotiate and get the best prices and terms from manufacturers and suppliers.

Quality Control and Inspection

A sourcing agency has quality control and inspection experts on board and they make sure that the quality of the products meet the expectations of the buyer before shipping.

Logistics and Shipping

A professional sourcing agency offers logistics and shipping support also to make sure safe and on time delivery of products to the buyer.

Paper Work

A sourcing agent is well qualified to understand local regulations. They help with export norms and documentation in India. They also help with the import documentation of the buyer’s country.

Communication and Coordination

A sourcing agency keeps communication and coordination with both the buyers and the suppliers throughout the sourcing process to keep it smooth.

One Point Contact

By hiring a sourcing agent in India, business houses can save time, money, and hassle while getting high-quality products. A sourcing agent will be a one point contact for all the communication and manage the entire sourcing process.

Finding the best sourcing agent in India isn’t just about finding the best price. It’s about choosing a cost-effective representative in your best interests who also understands the local ecosystem – from where to source raw materials, to find most reliable manufacturers, to how to ship items and how to manage your entire sourcing process in general.

Why Should You Choose India Sourcing Network, The Best Sourcing Agency In India?

Best Sourcing Agency In India
  • Our sourcing experts have over 100 years of cumulative experience sourcing in Asia and have served renowned brands such as H&M, Pottery Barn, Superdry, IKEA, Abercrombie & Fitch, Roots Canada, etc.
  • We act as a dynamic bridge between global importers and vetted Indian manufacturers and suppliers.
  • With our Done for You Sourcing service, we manage the entire procurement process for you, including identifying the right manufacturers and suppliers, price negotiation, sampling, packaging, ordering, supplier management, quality control, delivery to port and more.
  • We specialize in providing diverse products, ensuring quality and competitive prices.
  • We can supply a wide range of products in categories such as home & kitchen, fashion, clothing, gifts, outdoor, furniture, furniture, eco-friendly products, etc. You can download our free Made in India Products E-book to get an idea of the types of products India offers.
  • We arrange India Sourcing Trip which is an eight-day immersive learning, sourcing and cultural tour to India. Explore Indian sourcing from A to Z, attend trade shows, visit factories, connect with other brands and importers and immerse yourself in the rich Indian culture.
  • This trip is designed to provide brand builders and importers with the information, knowledge, connections and products they need to profitably source from India.


Sourcing products from India for international buyers is beneficial in many ways. They can avail cost savings, and superb product quality and partner with manufacturers and suppliers that adhere to all the international regulatory compliance.

However, to choose the right suppliers and manage their entire sourcing process, they can connect with India Sourcing Network, the best sourcing agency in India.

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