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India is a land of rich history and heritage. There are certain products in India which are not only unique but have a strong demand all over the world. This demand is supported by robust growth in sales numbers for Amazon sellers, retailers and established wholesalers worldwide. The surge of high quality and unique products from India with rich Indian heritage and artisan craftsmanship has significantly impacted the international market, resulting in a growing demand for made in India products.

In this blog post, we will discuss numerous product categories that showcase the magic of Indian craftsmanship and the unique features that set them apart. Sourcing these products from India can help you create unique product categories to boost your brand and sales.

Products in India that are taking the international market by storm :

Ayurveda beauty products : Harnessing the power of nature

The term Ayurveda means “knowledge of life,” so Ayurveda practice is used to restore the balance of all elements in our body. Ayurveda is a natural and 3000-year-old Indian medicine system to re-establish the balance in your whole-body system. Ayurveda beauty products are made of natural ingredients to help nourish the skin and promote youthfulness.

Ayurveda skin care practice includes facials, medication for skin related issues, and natural formulations for the skin made with herbal ingredients. There are numerous benefits of using Ayurveda skincare items because they are all-natural and gentle on the skin. It contributes to skin radiance by supplying the essential nutrients required for skincare.

Being made with natural ingredients and suitable for all skin types, Ayurveda beauty products are the least harmful for anyone. Being the birthplace of Ayurveda, India has authentic Ayurveda products manufacturers and suppliers. We can help you find the best and manage your entire sourcing process with our done for your sourcing services.

Yoga and meditation accessories : Promoting holistic well-being

India is the origin place of yoga and meditation. This is one of the best gifts given to the world by India. Infect, Rishikesh (India) is considered the world capital of yoga because thousands of students from every corner of the world come here to learn yoga every year.

Yoga and meditation have become popular worldwide because of their benefits to our mind and body in today’s stressful life. There is a huge demand for yoga and meditation accessories because of ever-growing yoga studios and practitioners.

You can get the best yoga and meditation accessories like meditation cushions and pads, yoga mats, yoga bricks, bolsters etc. made with natural and eco-friendly materials.

Indian organic food products

India is blessed with huge potential to produce all kinds of organic food products due to its various agro climatic conditions. India produced around 2.9 Million MT (2022-23) of certified organic food products. It includes all varieties of food products like Oil seeds, fiber, sugar cane, cereals & millets, Pulses, Tea, Coffee, Fruits and vegetables, spices, dry fruits, and processed foods etc.

The National Programme for Organic Production (NPOP) is being executed by The APEDA, Ministry of Commerce & Industries, Government of India. It includes the accreditation of Certification Bodies, benchmarks for organic production, promotion and marketing of organic farming etc.

The NPOP standards for production and accreditation system are recognized by the European Commission and Switzerland for unprocessed plant products as equivalent to their standards. Hence, Indian organic products duly certified by the accredited certification bodies of India are accepted by all countries now.

Handicrafts and Home Decor : Showcasing Indian craftsmanship

Handicraft is deeply rooted in Indian society and contributes to preserving and sharing traditions. In their product, crafters transfer an arena of their cultural heritage in ideas, forms, materials and work ways, similar to their values, philosophy of life, fashion and self-image.

Nothing can match the class and provincial charm of handicraft decorative items. Every handicraft item used as a decorative item in your home is crafted by talented artisans. Craft-based home decor items not only create an aura of old-world charm but also of the legacy and expertise passed on from generation to generation.

Artisanal or handmade articles, known mostly as handicrafts are a brilliant substitute for mundane and common decor ideas for your home. Decor your home interior with these hand-crafted decorative handicraft items made of wood, marble, metal, resin, brass etc. If you want to buy handicrafts and home décor items directly from Indian artisans, please contact us.

Eco-Friendly Products : Embracing sustainability

One of the driving forces behind the demand for sustainable and eco-friendly products is the growing awareness of environmental issues. Through extensive media reports, initiatives and the conscious efforts of environmental activists, the common man is now more aware than ever before of the consequences.

The rise of sustainable and eco-friendly products represents a transformative shift in our society`s values and priorities. Consumers are now realizing that their choices will have a direct impact on future generations and the environment. This awareness has boosted the demand for sustainable products across various niches, from clothing and beauty to fashion and food.

You can source a wide range of eco-friendly products from India. Start a new lifestyle today and enjoy the benefits of being eco-friendly.

Indian ethnic wear : Reimagining traditional fashion

Indian ethnic wear epitomizes the cultural richness and traditional heritage of India. It envelops a wide range of clothing, each resonating with the particular identity of different regions. The exquisite craftsmanship and unique designs are hallmark features of ethnic wear. Indian traditional dresses present an array of different styles to explore.

Outfits like Saree, Lehnga, Kurta-Payjama etc. can be supplemented with various ornaments, handbags and shoes. Indian ethnic wear not only represents the traditions of India but also plays a significant role in multiple aspects of life. From religious ceremonies to festivals and special occasions, ethnic attire becomes a mark of respect and reverence, connecting individuals with their roots and community.

If you are sourcing ethnic wear from India, India Sourcing Network can help you find the best Indian clothing wholesalers and suppliers.


Above mentioned and must-have Made in India products showcase the diversity and excellence of Indian craftsmanship. Adding these products to your retail or online store will not only boost your sales but also celebrate the cultural richness embedded in these products.

The prospects are promising as more consumers recognize the value of Made in India products. You can click here to check the other product categories which we can help you to source from India.Discovering the magic of Indian craftsmanship through unique products in India is an enriching experience.

Embrace the essence of Made in India products and contribute to promoting the legacy of Indian craftsmanship. Please contact us to find the best manufacturers and suppliers in India and to manage your entire sourcing process.

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