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Find me a supplier

India Sourcing Network is excited to offer a unique service to help you find a suitable supplier – Find Me A Supplier.

Simply submit your sourcing request below, and our team will find the right manufacturers for you.

If you have found a supplier yourself on another platform, we can help vet the supplier for you to ensure they are a legitimate company, manufacturer and export experienced. We can do this for up to 3 suppliers for the fee mentioned below.

How does it work

Find me a supplier - India Sourcing network

You give us your detailed product requirements or supplier details by submitting the form below, and pay the fee.

Find me a supplier - India Sourcing network

Our experienced sourcing team will get to work, and scout up to three awesome suppliers for you or vet the ones you have found. 

Find me a supplier - India Sourcing network

You receive contact details and supplier profiles of 3 manufacturer-exporters based on your requirements.

For vetting companies, we will check that they are legitimate companies, have their own production facilities, are export-experienced, and meet any other requirements you might have.

Find me a supplier - India Sourcing network

You can contact the suppliers directly to start the sampling and product development process, and place orders with them.

India sourcing network

If you’d prefer a Done For You Sourcing Service, where we manage your entire sourcing including QC, email us at info@indiasourcing.net 

What are the requirements

  • You must have a specific product in mind. We cannot find interesting products for you to source.
  • You must give us detailed product specs.
  • We will try to find up to 3 suppliers, but if the product is very specialized, we may be able to find less than 3 suppliers. 
  • In case we are unable to find even a single suitable supplier for your product, we will issue you a full refund.
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Product categories

We can find suppliers for any of the main product categories that are made in India. If you’re unsure if a product can be made in India, email us at info@indiasourcing.net before submitting your request.

Here are the key categories India produces. 

  • Houseware, tableware, kitchenware & hotelware in metal, wood, glass, ceramic, marble, stone
  • Eco-friendly products (e.g. areca palm leaf plates, coir cleaning products) 
  • Plant-based fashion and home products
  • Bathroom accessories
  • Lawn, garden ornaments & accessories 
  • Lamps, lighting & accessories
  • Furniture & accessories 
  • Home furnishings & bedding
  • Carpets, rugs & floorings (including coir doormats)
  • Christmas & festive decor
  • Candles, incense sticks and aroma
  • Decorative gifts (including corporate gifts)
  • Cane, bamboo fiber, natural & eco-friendly products
  • Stationery and paper including handmade paper
  • Fashion jewelry, scarves & accessories
  • Garments & textiles 
  • Organic cotton textiles & products
  • Bags, backpacks, luggage & leather goods
  • Equestrian products
  • Natural herbs & spices

Submit your request for Find Me A Supplier

Questions? Email us at info@indiasourcing.net

Find Me A Supplier

  • Give detailed specifications: material, size, color, finish, customization and more
  • Drop files here or
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      Upload product images, renders, tech packs, spec sheets and more (max. 5)
    • Plain or customized box, sticker or printing, labeling requirements
    • Add any specific requirements you might have for the product or supplier (e.g. certifications, standards)
    • If you want us to vet suppliers, add their name, contact information, website and any other info you have about them.
    • Price: