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India Sourcing Trip Attendees Share Their Experiences

India Sourcing Trip Attendees Share Their Experiences

With India Sourcing Trip, you get a front row seat to find out how to source from India by being in India! Join us for an experiential and educational 10 days to understand the rubrics of sourcing from India AND the opportunity to source unique differentiated products. 

India Sourcing Trip is back with our international conference, coaching sessions, visits to Indian trade show and factory visits – all packed with culture and culinary experiences only India can offer. 

Curious about India Sourcing Trip? Find out what attendees of the previous Trip had to say about their experience and book your seat for the next Trip!

Watch the full video here or read on below for key quotes

Why source from India

Here’s what attendees said were their top reasons to buy products for their brand from India.

“India was about delicious food, festivals and colorful clothes. I had labeled myself as a ‘China sourcing expert’ but after visiting India for the IST trip I was blown away with the experience.”
– Gary Huang

“We started sourcing from China but faced language problems. We were invited by Marg Jolly for the IST and it was a life changing experience for us. We met suppliers and sourcing agents and were impressed by the quality of the products in India. We are really pumped up after attending IST.”
– Mary Kershaw & Bill Kershaw 

“I found the tariffs very high in China. I was invited by Margaret Jolly for the IST trip and my cost of the trip was worthwhile as I was able to place my first order here.”
– Annie Barnes

“I tried doing business with China but found the quality in India better. I have referred others to become a part of IST.”
– Roslyn Camuglia

“I thought China thinks short term and cuts corners when doing business whereas Indians are more ethical and look for building longer relationships. As compared to China, India takes longer to deliver goods but it is worth it with regards to quality, relationship and honesty.”
– Annie Barnes

First impressions of India

“We were concerned about the smog, security and traffic but we were blown away by the people, culture and color of the country. We found the crowd chaotic but people were very friendly and approachable.”
– Mary Kershaw & Bill Kershaw

“I was a little apprehensive prior to my trip but my impression changed drastically and I found the people were very colorful, friendly and open.They are not only concerned with making money but with building relationships. I didn’t know India was so modern. I was looked after so well and all my fears about India are gone.”
– Annie Barnes

“I was very impressed by the green belt of Delhi.”
– Michael Simmons 

Thoughts about the Delhi fair and meeting suppliers face to face

“IST was the best buyer centric event with amazing hospitality and knowledge sharing and Meghla worked above and beyond anyone’s expectations.”
– Vikki

“Initially I did not have the right eye but the coaches directed me to look for products that were sellable on Amazon. My supplier also drove five hours to show his samples. I was treated as a person and not as a number.” Michael Simmons

“I am telling people to visit the next India Sourcing Trip. I have gained valuable knowledge from a team of experts. A special thanks to Meghla Bharadwaj for putting this amazing, priceless event together.”
– Allan Gordon Muir

“A well-organized trip with every detail ticked and thought off. A professional trip that included training with local experts.”
– Wendy Porter

“The Delhi fair was very big. Our supplier provided us with three samples within a space of four weeks and we were not expecting this.”
– Bill Kershaw

“I do not have a single regret and the fair was way beyond my expectations. The week was spent learning and having lots of fun.”
– Jacqui Macumber 

“I found China very cold and sterile but India was warm and inviting. The fair was near perfect and the quality of the products just blew me away.”
– Roslyn Camuglia 

“I had a bad experience earlier but after visiting IST, I can’t wait to start my Amazon journey with the help from such an amazing team.”
– Rowie Eaves

“I have a textile business and have worked with suppliers from India before the IST. This experience was very fulfilling.”
– Michael Simmons

Benefits of being part of a group

“The mentors were there to answer everything at the IST and we were not left for a minute. Their help was priceless and helped educate us all the way. We were treated as equals.”
– Roslyn Camuglia

“I thought the coaches were very generous with their idea sharing.”  
– Annie Barnes


“At first people were a little reserved at the IST but by the end of the trip a lot of them had come out of their shells and the communication in the group was possible. There was a great bonding there and now families are getting involved too. We had tears in our eyes when we were leaving and we didn’t want the fair to end.”
– Michael Simmons 

One thing that surprised you in India

“Unlike in China I felt that there was no language barrier here. The products in the fair had unique designs and attention to details was given. It was a world of fantasy for me.”
– Roslyn Camuglia

“Indians want to develop relationships and to do that meeting people directly makes a lot of difference.”
– Bill Kershaw & Mary Kershaw  

It was an educational, entertaining, culturally rich trip and most importantly, we got to network with like-minded people on this amazing journey. I have sourced 100% out from China before but with this trip I was so impressed that I am shifting 90% of my business to India. The trip was a game changer.”
– Annie Barnes 

“Every booth in the fair was amazingly presented and I particularly liked the quality of the hand made and timber products.”
– Michael Simmons 

Advice for people who are thinking of joining the Trip

“Best group that I traveled with. I thought the fair was well organized, informative and had amazing resources provided. I recommend others get in quick for a great discount for the next event.”
– Aleisha Goodall 

“I thought the cost of the trip was worth it as I was a part of the Amazon business and the Indian culture experience was a plus! I was able to touch and feel products and talk to the suppliers directly rather than emailing them which was a big advantage. I thought that the coaches handled all troubleshooting problems very well in their sessions.”
– Michael Simmons

“We had access to coaches from day one and that helped us. We were able to accelerate our business by going to this fair.”
– Bill Kershaw & Mary Kershaw

“So much learned, so much value for time spent and such incredible cultural experiences. The trip was unbelievable and I found twenty four new lifelong friends during this trip.”
– Chris Thomas 

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