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Join India Sourcing Mastermind to accelerate your made-in-India Amazon FBA private label business. 

With exclusive content, and direct access to ecommerce coaches, and Resident Experts, you will have all the support and guidance you need to build a profitable business sourcing from India. 

Grow together with a close-knit encouraging and positive community of like-minded sellers.

Who is India Sourcing Mastermind for

This Mastermind is for anyone who wants to build a private label ecommerce & Amazon FBA brand sourcing products from India.  You could be new-ish to the world of Amazon and ecommerce, and may want to source entirely from India instead of other destinations.

You could also be an experienced ecommerce / Amazon seller who has been sourcing from other countries, and wants to diversify your sourcing. 

What we require is for you to be committed to grow your private label brand.

How can the Mastermind help your business

When you join the Mastermind, you get direct access to experienced coaches and experts who will guide you as you grow and scale your Made-in-India private label brand.

We guide you as you source from India – right from finding & vetting suppliers, to payments, negotiating with suppliers, quality control, logistics and more. 

Apart from sourcing assistance, you will also get extensive support with all aspects related to running an Amazon FBA / ecommerce business. 

Running an Amazon business can get stressful, and it can get difficult to stay motivated.

At India Sourcing Mastermind, you also have the support of Transformation Coach, Cameron Allen, who will help you develop a positive mindset and get “unstuck” if you do get stuck. 

We start with the end in mind

One of the biggest opportunities for Amazon and ecommerce sellers is to sell their business to an aggregator or other buyer.

This is why our focus at the Mastermind is to help you build a “sellable” brand from the time you start your business. 

Our Exits Resident Expert, Ben Leonard will guide you on how to maximize the valuation of your brand, and when you’re ready to sell, he will take your brand to various buyers and get you the highest possible price. 

Don’t make the mistake of going directly to an aggregator as they could undervalue your brand. 

What’s included in your monthly subscription

India sourcing guidance

Sourcing from India is not the same as importing from other countries. Whether it’s finding suppliers, placing orders, negotiating logistics or QC – there are key differences you need to be aware of. 

At India Sourcing Mastermind, you will get hands-on guidance and support as you navigate the exciting world of sourcing. 

We highly recommend going through India Sourcing Workshop before signing up for the Mastermind. But if you have experience importing from India, join the Mastermind. 

Access to Experienced Coaches

Margaret Jolly is your Lead Amazon FBA Coach.

She is an experienced and successful Amazon seller who has been sourcing exclusively from India for over 4 years.

She understands one of the most important business fundamentals is making sure you can make a reasonable profit. 

Meghla Bhardwaj is your Lead Sourcing Coach. 

She has over 20 years of experience in the Asia sourcing industry, and can help you navigate the often confusing world of sourcing. 

She can also assist with finding legitimate export-focused suppliers for your products.

Kevin Oldham is your Lead Business Coach.

With his engineering and manufacturing background, Kevin can provide guidance on product development.

He can also help advise on business strategy and direction.

Resident Experts to support your entire business

When running an Amazon FBA / ecommerce business, there are certain aspects you always need to be improving, enhancing, testing and tweaking in order to grow sales and be profitable.

The world of Amazon and sourcing is also continuously changing, which is why it is essential to stay on top of all developments so you can react quickly and effectively.

When you join India Sourcing Mastermind, you get direct access to Resident Experts who are masters in their respective areas.

Regular sessions with Resident Experts

Resident Experts host regular sessions to talk about new developments in the areas they specialize in. 

You can come to the monthly calls with your specific questions or issues you might be facing in that area. 

They are also available to answer your urgent questions in our exclusive Facebook and Telegram Groups.


Meet your Resident Experts

Margaret’s Monday Musings

Every Monday, Margaret shares an in-depth post about a critical topic related to Amazon FBA, sourcing or business in general. 

These posts are full of practical advice, actionable tips and step-by-step instructions on how to tackle specific sticky situations in your business. 

If you’re in our Sourcing from India Facebook Group, you know how incredibly valuable these posts are! 

Live sessions with industry experts

Team Chat Sessions

We host live webinars with  subject matter experts to discuss relevant and current topics. 

These webinars are done in a Zoom meeting environment so you can turn on video and audio and engage with the expert and other attendees.

Bring your questions, problems, wins and experiences to our weekly Team Chat sessions

This is a chance for all members to chat about anything and everything ecommerce and sourcing with coaches.

Telegram Group for faster response

Templates & checklists

Join an exclusive Telegram Group where you will have direct access to all coaches, and can engage with other members.

Get immediate help if you’re in a sticky situation, and have engaging conversations. 

Efficiency is the name of the game and can help increase profitability and maximize your chances of success. 

At the Mastermind, you get various templates, checklists and trackers that increase your productivity and ensure you avoid making mistakes.

Exclusive sessions with suppliers

Preferential access to India Sourcing Trip

Suppliers often don’t show their exclusive and new designs publicly but they are willing to show them to small groups of buyers.

You will be among the first to see new ranges launched by India Sourcing Network suppliers.

Get priority access to India Sourcing Trip – our 8-day Sourcing, Learning & Cultural trip to India. 

In addition, Mastermind members will get access to extended Early Bird pricing! 

Strong community and camaraderie

We pride ourselves in building strong supportive communities and India Sourcing Mastermind is no different.

When you join the Mastermind, you will be part of a warm and welcoming community, where coaches and members go out of their way to help sellers. 

We provide you with a fun, positive and all-inclusive environment and ensure everyone gets the attention and help they need. 

We realize everyone is at different stages in their business and we cater to the needs of new sellers as well as experienced sellers.

High value & affordable

India Sourcing Mastermind is affordable for everyone, even if you’re just starting out with a limited budget. We strongly believe in providing value for money, and have a reputation of under promising and over delivering!

You can either pay a fee of US$125 per month or US$1,375 annually (you get one month free).

There is no other course, mastermind or group in the Amazon FBA world that helps sellers build businesses sourcing from India. 

Differentiated unique products, low MOQs, ease of communication, no trade tariffs are some of the reasons to consider buying products from India. 

Join us today and start building and growing a sustainable, profitable private label business with Made-in-India products.

Is this Mastermind right for you?

India Sourcing Mastermind is not for everyone.

If you are completely new to selling on Amazon, we recommend doing one of the Amazon FBA courses

The Mastermind is for you if you:

  • Are sourcing / want to source from India (we can help with China too)
  • Are experienced or new-ish to selling on Amazon
  • Have a basic understanding of selling on Amazon
  • Want to build a brand to potentially exit
  • Want to sell online (Amazon, etc) or retail
  • Have an abundance mindset
  • Are committed to growing a brand


🤔 I’ve done Freedom Ticket (or another course), but I haven’t sourced anything yet. Is this Mastermind right for me?
👉🏻 Yes, this Mastermind is a perfect fit for you if you have done a basic course or even attended our India Sourcing Workshop.

🤔 I’m a total newbie, is this Mastermind right for me? 
👉🏻 If you don’t know what FBA and PPC stand for in the world of Amazon, we would suggest doing a basic course first. Freedom Ticket is a free course with Helium10) or you can also purchase India Sourcing Workshop.

🤔 I’m an advanced seller sourcing in high volumes from India. Is this Mastermind right for me?
👉🏻 Yes, you can join. There will be various levels of the Mastermind depending on where you are in your brand building journey. 

🤔 I source from China, can I still join?
👉🏻 Yes, for sure. We are focused on sourcing from India, and we would be happy to help you diversify your sourcing to India. The Amazon and marketing related content we cover will be applicable regardless of where you source from. 

🤔 Do I really need to join a Mastermind? 
👉🏻 Most sellers who are successful are part of Masterminds or attend events and network with other sellers on a regular basis. Building an Amazon business can be tough, lonely and frustrating. When you have the right experts, and other like-minded supportive sellers by your side, it can become an exciting, fun, fulfilling and profitable journey.

🤔 Do I have to do India Sourcing Workshop before joining the Mastermind? 
👉🏻 We recommend you do the Workshop before joining the Mastermind, especially if you are completely new to sourcing from India, but you don’t have to. Mastermind members get a 20% discount India Sourcing Workshop, and all others that we do. 

🤔 How many live sessions will there be per week?
 👉🏻 There will be at least 2 live sessions every week, and sometimes more. 

🤔 What are the timings of live sessions? 
👉🏻 All sessions will be at times suitable for members based in and around Singapore and Australia. Most sessions will be suitable for members in the US, and some might not be suitable for members in the UK / Europe

Here are tentative times, but we will adjust as per members’ needs:

  • USA – Mondays & Wednesdays 7pm ET or 3am ET
  • Australia: Tuesdays & Thursdays 11am AEDT or 7pm AEDT
  • GMT: Tuesdays & Thursdays 12am or 8am GMT

🤔 Will replays be available? 
👉🏻 Yes, all replays will be available in your India Sourcing Network Pro Membership Portal. Replays, resources, downloads and everything else related to the Mastermind will be organised, indexed and easily accessible from here. If you have done a Workshop, all those recordings and resources will also be available here.

🤔 What kind of support will I get?
👉🏻 Every week, we will have a Team Chat where you can ask us any questions you might have about sourcing from India or selling on Amazon / ecommerce. Any of the coaches or Resident Experts will address your questions. Other members might also have suggestions for you. If we don’t have the answers, we will find them for you or point you in the right direction.

🤔 How will accountability work?
👉🏻 Our Mindset Resident Coach will work with members to ensure they are able to set goals for themselves, be accountable, and stay motivated.

🤔 Will you manage my PPC if I join the Mastermind? 
👉🏻 No, the Mastermind does not include managed services, but we can recommend service providers who can help you for various services. 

🤔 How much does it cost?
👉🏻 If you pay monthly, it costs US$125. If you pay annually, it costs US$1,375 

🤔 I’m already in another Mastermind, do I need to join this one as well?
👉🏻 If you’re considering sourcing from India, you must be in this Mastermind as it is the only one in the world that focuses on helping sellers build brands with made-in-India products. It is ok to be part of multiple Masterminds.

Email us at info@indiasourcing.net if you have any more questions.