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Our Launch Partners

We’re thankful to our launch partners. Learn more about their services here.

Airwallex is an all-in-one payment service provider that is cost effective, easy to use, and could potentially replace your bank someday.
We can support payments to suppliers in India in INR and USD, and work well for paying for samples and orders. 

Avail preferential rates and $20,000 AUD equivalent of free FX transfers when you sign up at www.airwallex.com/india20k

Rainforest is an aggregator of Amazon FBA and DTC brands, and we were born in Singapore in Oct 2020.

Till date, we have acquired a handful of brands and are actively looking into more brands to acquire in 2021.

We specialize in developing microbrands globally through our inhouse domain capabilities and tech expertise. Through the payout, brand owners can fund their other business expansion or pursue their personal endeavors.

Talk to us today to find out how we can support your goals. While we are open to brands globally, we prefer Asia-based brands.

Visit us at www.rainforest.life

PPC Ninja offers one-of-a-kind Amazon PPC automation tools, PPC Account Management Services and PPC Coaching. 

Our software gives Amazon sellers and agencies the ultimate creative freedom and analytical control over their advertising data, with no bots to mess up with their preferred PPC style. 

Our Amazon accredited account managers fully understand that the goals of PPC are two-fold: driving sales and managing profitability. 

We run PPC Mastermind Programs all year round to help sellers learn about the very hard and complex topic of Amazon advertising. 

Check out our website at https://ppcninja.com

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Our work is to help online sellers succeed and grow in an environment that has intense competition and strict performance standards.
Our readers represent businesses of every size and type, from multinational brands to individuals working at home. The common factor? They are all genuine businesses who want to improve and grow their online sales.