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Sponsor a Child

Give them hope for a brighter future

India Sourcing Network strongly believes in giving back to society. Do Business and Do Good is our mantra, and we like to call ourselves leaders with a heart.

We are proud to sponsor one child’s education for one year for every attendee of India Sourcing Trip

The sponsorship is done via Deepalaya, a non-profit organization in Delhi that provides free education to underprivileged and poor children.
We also helped raise over US$10,000 for COVID relief in partnership with Deepalaya.
We encourage you to sponsor a child in India and  give an underprivileged child hope for a better future. 

Why sponsor a child

  • Sponsoring a child is the most effective way to fight the social evils of poverty and illiteracy.
  • It creates a timeless impact.
  • You develop a long-term personal relationship with your sponsored child by supporting him/her entirely during his education years till he leaves high school, graduates, or becomes self-reliant.
  • In the process, you become a positive role model for him/her.
  • The education that the child receives will help him/her break free from poverty and over time become a self-reliant, dignified individual, and socially responsible citizen.
  • It costs only US$100…for an entire year!  With this small amount, your sponsored child will get uninterrupted support for education during the year.

What your sponsored child gets

  • Good quality education and care during their formative years.
  • Protection from child labour, abuse and any kind exploitation.
  • Additional gifts that you send.
  • Opportunity to overcome poverty and be the agents of change as they grow up.

Sponsor a child with Deepalaya

Deepalaya is a trusted organization by India Sourcing Network. Our founders have been sponsoring children at the organization for over a decade.

The organization was established in 1979 with 7 founding members with the objective of educating underprivileged girl children. Over the years, their focus has expanded from providing education only to children, to helping underprivileged women, youth and children become self-reliant through education and vocational training.

By sponsoring a child with Deepalaya – one of the best non-profits in India, you can bring a significant change by educating a child in society.

Here are photos of our visit to the school during the October 2019 India Sourcing Trip

Become a Sponsor Parent today! Give an underprivileged child a chance at a brighter future. 

Click on the link below, which will take you to Deepalaya’s website, select the child you would like to sponsor, and make the payment.

If you have any questions, email us at info@indiasourcing.net