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10 Steps to Source Products from India and Import INto the US

10 Steps to Source Products from India and Import into the US

Indian manufacturers offer a range of unique products that can be imported into the US to sell profitably online or in a retail stores. Suppliers can easily customize products based on your specifications.

This article outlines 10 important steps you need to take to source from India.

Step 1: Determine Cost-Effectiveness

The first step is to evaluate if India is the right sourcing destination for your product. India specialises in a variety of products such as those made from natural materials such as wood, metal, cotton and more.

Find out

  • Is the product manufactured in India cost-effectively?
  • Are there suppliers that already make and export the product?
  • Are raw materials or components easily available?
  • Where in India is the product manufactured?

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Step 2: Compile Product and Packaging Specifications

Create a comprehensive list of product and packaging specifications and decide on the quantity you’d like to source. This step forms the blueprint for suppliers in India for communication, providing clarity and avoiding ambiguities in the sourcing process.

In addition, find out if there are any safety standards or mandatory certifications that are needed to import the product into the US.

Most Indian suppliers are fluent in the English language so you will not face language barriers

Step 3: Identify Specialized Suppliers

To identify suppliers in India that specialize in your specific product category you can speak to a few suppliers making your product and zero down on one. The emphasis is on aligning your needs with the supplier’s expertise to streamline the sourcing process.

Scrutinize factors such as manufacturing capabilities, production capacity, export experience, certifications etc to curate a list of potential manufacturers.

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Step 4: Requesting Quotes from Suppliers:

Initiate communication with identified manufacturers in India by forwarding your product specifications and requesting detailed quotes. This step is pivotal in obtaining transparent pricing information, laying the foundation for subsequent negotiations


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Step 5: Get Samples

Upon receipt of quotes, evaluate potential suppliers based on their viability. If a supplier meets your expectations, proceed to request samples. If the pricing is not in alignment with expectations, you can negotiate to establish terms that mutually benefit both parties.

 Step 6: Place an Order with a Purchase Order

Once you’re satisfied with the samples and price, initiate the ordering process by sending a Purchase Order to the selected supplier.

In the Purchase Order, make sure you give detailed product & packaging specifications, quality criteria, payment terms, delivery schedule, and other important details.

Also mention penalties in case there are delays or quality issues.

Step 7: Make Payment

Mitigate risks by tying payment to quality. Make a deposit of 30-50% when placing an order. Pay the balance the products pass pre-shipment inspection.

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Step 8: Conduct Quality Control

Prioritize product quality by conducting a pre-shipment inspection when 80-90% of the products are packed.

For orders exceeding $10,000 in value, also conduct a midline inspection to ensure consistent quality standards throughout the manufacturing process.

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Step 9: Coordinate with Freight Forwarder

Coordinate with a reliable freight forwarder to oversee logistics, whether by sea or air, based on your timeline and budget.

The final leg involves directing the shipment to its destination—be it your warehouse, Amazon’s facility, or a third-party logistics provider.

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Step 10: Reorder

Once your product starts selling well, plan to place a repeat order. Make sure you plan the reorder in advance keeping in mind production lead times.

Continuously improve your products and packaging based on customer feedback.


These are the basic 10 steps you need to take in order to import from India to the US or other countries. Made in India products can be sold online in your Amazon ecommerce store, and you can also sell them in your physical retail store.

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