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How to Get Your Money Back from Amazon

How To Get Your Money Back from Amazon

Everyday Amazon receives tens of thousands of cartons into its warehouses. Even though Amazon has state-of-the-art systems to receive and manage inventory, sometimes cartons do get lost or inventory is miscalculated.

If this happens to your shipments, you could in fact get Amazon to reimburse you for the lost inventory! However, doing it yourself can take time and effort and you might not always be able to get your money back.

Enter Seller Investigators, a credible service that will look into your lost inventory on your behalf and make sure Amazon is returning to sellers what they owe you.

On a recent episode of The MMK Show, the Seller Investigators team talked about how they help sellers get their money from Amazon. Watch the full interview in the video below, or continue reading for highlights from the interview.

The delivery of your products into the warehouse is not taken into account by Amazon until it is actually sold and the seller gets paid thereafter. As a result of the huge volumes that keep entering the warehouse, Amazon ends up underestimating the inventory of your boxes based on the weight and dimensions. There is also a small chunk of your inventory that may be stolen or destroyed at the Amazon warehouse.

The loss of this inventory to a seller could account for 1 percent of the sales across the board. This entitles you to full reimbursement for the loss of profits incurred. Here is a full-proof way to get your Amazon reimbursements.

Amazon reimbursements are pure profits. Seller Investigators ensure Amazon pays you back what they owe you.  

What is Seller Investigators and how does it work

 Seller Investigators are a trusted authority in FBA reimbursements. They step in to fill the gap and help you get your money back for the missing inventory. Amazon seller policy allows 9 months to go back on missing and 18 months for damage to the seller’s inventory. It allows for improperly received or miscounted items from inbound shipments to go back in the past 9 months.

 Seller Investigators have dedicated case managers who take hold of a few access points of your inventory management into Amazon once you sign-up for their services. They use the seller’s data reports onto their platform, run an algorithm to detect the problems for you.

They proceed with helping you raise tickets, file cases, and claim Amazon FBA returns. The service providers have a system that is intelligent to catch gaps in dates the inventory was shipped on and help in avoiding raising wrong tickets. However, Seller Investigators does not make Amazon case laws when fraud occurs and if you get a different item back.

With Amazon’s platform becoming more competitive and complicated resulting in compressed margins that are probably about 20 percent, the 1 percent net sales which usually goes undisputed can be a considerable amount of your money that Sellers Investigators can help bring back into your bank account via Amazon vendor returns.

This service allows you to concentrate on building your business with spending time and resources on other aspects, while Seller Investigators goes after your money for you. 

How is it different from other similar services?

 Seller Investigators differ in some important aspects from their competitors. The company is regularly audited by Amazon to ensure the safety and security of every customer and the reimbursement process and tools fully comply with Amazon’s terms of service.

They believe in utmost transparency with their clients. Most companies do not share their dashboards with their customers, but Sellers Investigators believe in showing the good, the bad, and the ugly when you sign-up for their services and give an insight into how they do the work, even when they are not successful every single time.

 The company prides itself in every dollar they get back for you even if it may lose a little bit of money. Seller Investigators believes in spending a few dollars to find you bigger amounts. It is a win-win situation for them and the FBA sellers.

You are not charged any fee until they have been fortunate in retrieving money back into the seller’s account. Once the money has been reimbursed by Amazon, they charge a fee of 25 percent, but their service is free until they have success. This way sellers can be sure that once they have bought their services, Sellers Investigators is truly on the lookout for your money as they stand to gain only after getting you an Amazon reimbursement.

 Once you sign-up with Sellers Investigators you are entitled to a free audit that will let you know if there is any money you can claim, after which you can decide whether to investigate these cases or not. If you decide to take the company’s services after this audit you can furnish them with the credit card details that allow them to charge you when they have a success.

You will receive your reimbursement 3 to 5 business days after Seller Investigators files your case with Amazon Support. In case of a clawback i.e., when Amazon reverses a reimbursement, Seller Investigators will reverse the fee on the next invoice.

 Seller Investigators does not maintain long-term contracts. If you would like to cancel your service, simply notify them through email.

 The Seller Investigator fee is usually 25% of the amount they get you reimbursed, but exclusively for the India Sourcing community, they are offering a 20% rate!  Sign up here to avail this exclusive offer.

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