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10 Reasons to Sell on Amazon Japan

10 Reasons to Sell on Amazon Japan

Did you know that Japan is the 4th largest Amazon marketplace in the world.

Here are some other facts about Japan:

  • 3rd largest GDP in the world
  • Population of 126 million (2021) which is DOUBLE the population of the UK
  • Amazon.co.jp is the #1 ecommerce site in Japan with revenue of US $13 billion in 2021
  • Ecommerce penetration rate of 74% – 93 million online shoppers in Japan
  • Ecommerce is forecast to grow at a yearly rate of 6% in Japan

In this article, we talk about 10 reasons why you should sell on this fast-growing Amazon Japan global marketplace.

If you want to learn more about selling on Amazon Japan, join the 7 Figure Japan Mastermind in Tokyo.

On a recent episode of The MMK Show, Gary Huang, Founder of the Japan Mastermind together with Japan experts Ritu Java and Nick Katz explained why you should explore selling on Amazon Japan. Watch the full video interview here:

1) Japan is the 4th biggest Amazon marketplace in the world – Japan is the 4th biggest Amazon market place in the world to sell. Majority of the FBA sellers opt for Mexico or the U.S, EU and Canada, but are not willing to invest in a big opportunity that Japan poses to them. Before selling on the big 4 marketplaces, it’s good to start with smaller market place like Amazon Japan which has far less competition than the other larger market places on Amazon.

2) There’s far less competition with Amazon Japan than the other large Amazon marketplaces – Sellers on Japan leave fewer reviews, but if you already have existing reviews by selling on other markets it makes it easy to sell in Japan without having to worry about getting new ones. This serves as reducing an entry barrier into the Amazon Japan marketplace considering the fact that the reviews threshold is relatively less in Japan compared to other market places.

3) Lower PPC cost Selling on Japan means better conversion of PPC. You as a sophisticated seller, stand a better chance against the existing Chinese sellers who do not have proper branding. A good listing can place you higher-up in the market place. Native Japanese brands and Chinese sellers make up a large part of the Amazon Japan market landscape, thus reducing competition for new sellers against big brands.

4) You don’t need to know Japanese to sell in Japan – Seller central on Amazon Japan is in English and you can hire Japanese virtual assistants (VAs) for customer support.

5) Lower shipping cost and faster shipping time from Asia factory back to Japan If you are sourcing from China or Vietnam this makes the shipping easier due to lesser travel time. This reduces your shipping costs considerably and helps increase your margins.

Sellers just need a Japanese importer record to sell on Amazon Japan

6) Amazon is Japan’s largest ecommerce marketplace – Currently Amazon is ruling the e-commerce market place in Japan. There is potentially less competition for you as a FBA seller in Japan. Listing your product on Amazon Japan means you have a lions share of the market.

7) The market is much larger than other markets in other places – There are 140 million people in Japan. This is the double that of the UK’s population. It is known that 80% of the Japanese population shops online.

 8) You don’t need to register a company in Japan to sell in Japan – Sellers just need a Japanese importer record and make sure products are compliant to Japanese laws and regulations, which the  7 Seller Japan Mastermind will help you do.

9) You don’t need VAT or GST registration in Japan – The local equivalent is the Consumption Tax (CT) but you don’t need that until you hit roughly 1 million Yen in sales per year ($7,300 USD). Tax rates will be much lower in Japan than other foreign marketplaces like Europe.

10) There are unique marketing channels in Japan – Sellers can use these to build an audience and make a lot of sales at low cost. Social media is not the ultimate choice to market in Japan so start selling via other channels without wasting time.

If you are already selling in the Amazon US/EU marketplaces you may have an advantage selling in Japan using your products. If you position and market your products the right way, you can generate an additional 200k – 500k USD revenue per year. To learn more sign up for Gary’s Japan Mastermind. 

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